Our Vision


Sri Aurobindo’s Vision of Integral Education best exemplifies this fulfillment:

Physical Education: It concerns itself with health education and physical training.

Education of the Vital: This consists of the refinement of emotions, desires and energies of action thorough training of the five senses, aesthetic sensibilities and character development.

Mental Education: This will consist of the development of the powers of the mind and its various faculties such as observation, reasoning, judgment, imagination and analysis.

Psychic and Spiritual Education:  The child will be engaged in self-reflection of his true nature. It relates to the nurturing of the highest values of Truth, Goodness and Beauty and spiritual aspirations for self-progress.


  • To provide soul-based education by bringing forth innate wisdom and divine potential to blossom.
  • To bring balance in the personality of the being, through harmonious and integral development of the child.
  • To be centered within our soul and thereby extend one’s experience of connectedness to the nation and the world.
  • To find in ourselves the power to self-transform.
  • To raise and expand our Consciousness.