Col(Dr) Shivji Misra(Retd)

          ‘Sri Aurobindo Centenary English Medium High School’ is more than 50 Year old now, created in line with the Education Philosophy of ‘Sri Aurobindo & The Mother’. Our school achieved Great heights by the hard work by our predecessors’ and we following their footsteps and continued commitment to do the same in future also. There is small saying “If You are Planning for One Year, Plant Good Crop, If you are Planning for 10 Years, Plant Good Tree, and If You are Planning for 100 Years, Plant Good Child”.

         So we all must understand that our society has assigned us very Important job of creating bright future for 100 Years by giving Good Education to the students of our school.

My Motto in life had been “A Smallest Good Deed is Better Than 100 Good Thoughts” and my advice to you all is to keep doing  something good in your daily life.

                                 I sincerely pray for the grace of ‘The Mother’ for wellbeing of Our School, It’s Students and Staff.  Jaihind