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Welcome To Sri Aurobindo Centenary E.M High School

       Sri Aurobindo Centenary  E.M High School has completed half of a century and is poised for a quantum leap into the future by adapting to the challenges of an ever-evolving educational scenario.  Connecting the Mind and Heart fluidly and flawlessly, it  creates  and  promotes  a  harmonious   and  holistic  development  among   all   students   of  the  school,  balancing    professional   commitment   with  a   social   conscience.  Sri Aurobindo Centenary School  has played a central role in educating generations of Indian youth, many of whom have gone on to play an important role in society, whether culturally, in business or in public life.

Our Academics

Play School

  • Kindergarteners learn best through imginative and purposeful play. Hands-on activities and actively exploring the world around them.
  • The curriculum is carefully designed keeping in mind the developmental milestones at every stage
  • Our curriculum will allow for growth in social-emotional learning, cognitive development,.
  • Primary School

  • We follow CBSE curriculum in our primary section with innovative motivational learning to educate the young aspirants. They look at the world around them with wonder and a desire to understand all they experience. Our curriculum recognizes the unique needs of young children and channels their natural energy, curiosity and exuberance into learning.
  • Secondary School

  • Excellent academic curriculum has been designed for enhancing and promoting the educational skills for secondary school students.
  • Our students emerge from the Secondary School with a clearer picture of their strength, challenges and the strategies, both academic and personal for students to employ for life success .
  • Our Features


    A library is an important source of knowledge to young minds. The school boasts well-equipped libraries with books on various topics including, Encyclopedia, Medical science books, Fiction novels, Daily newspapers, Reference books, and several periodicals.

    Integrated Science Lab

    The study of science provides the knowledge and skills which are intended to improve the quality of living. An understanding of science is central to young citizens’ preparedness for life in modern society. It empowers individuals to engage in public discussions on issues...

    Computer Lab

    Sri Aurobindo Centenary E.M High School provides fully furnished computer lab with latest computers and devices. We provide every student a computer so that they can practice the tasks given to them. The capacity of computer lab is about 40 students. All our computer systems are ...

    Art & Craft

    We strongly believe that there is an artist in every individual and art is not measured by any standards. Art is not just about creating; it is about appreciating and relishing the process. We at Sri Aurobindo Centenary E.M High School, insist our...


    Sri Aurobindo Centenary E.M High School provides multiple opportunities to develop skills in competitive team sports, while learning the responsibilities and leadership qualities of team play. Students are introduced to several individual sports ...

    Activity Base Learning

    Sri Aurobindo Centenary E.M High School focus of an activity-based curriculum is teaching skills and knowledge to your students through creative tasks and activities. Rather than students passively listening to a teacher, students will...


    Upcoming Education Events to feed your brain.

    Our Core Team


    Col(Dr) Shivji Misra(Retd)




    M. Meenakshi Naidu


    Jonna Veeraseshaiah



    Video Gallery

    The Mother Symbol Meaning
    Self Cooking By 8th Class Students
    Spell Bee Competition 2023

    Alumni Speaks

    How Real Our Old Students Said About SAC School



    “ My schooling at S.A.C School, Tadipatri brought clarity of thoughts, knowledge, confidence, courage and Conviction to me and my goal in life. Real time exposure with backend support of Meenakshi uncle and teachers was immense. I owe my success to S.A.C School and feel of proud to be alumni of S.A.C School. ”



    “ I have had the best years of my life at S.A.C School. Words won’t be enough to describe the great dedication of Meenakshi uncle and I. V Sir what I have learnt from them in this institution.  This has shaped my life in tremendous way.  In the end this just ode to my school.”



    “ A School is a place to our first basic education and I was lucky to have my basics perfect and strong from knowledgeable and proficient teachers and Meenakshi Uncle.  Bags of knowledge was showered on us by every single person in our school. ”



    “ I have built my foundation and strengthened my basics from S.A.C School.  Its nurturing environment and child-oriented education stipulated program made my school days enjoyable.  S.A.C School has always focused on all round development of students.  It enabled us to foster inside the classroom and outside of it too. ”



    “ I feel very proud and accomplished to be Ex – Student of S.A.C School. Today whatever I achieved in life the credit goes to my school, I.V. Sir and Meenakshi Uncle.  The teachers were wholly responsible for the knowledge.  I compiled from them and also for my character building. Lastly, I would like to thank and show my heartfelt gratitude to all my teachers who taught me.”



    “ I am very proud to say that I am a product of SAC School.  Thank SAC School for nurturing me with so much love and care.  Words are few but feelings are limitless to express my gratitude towards our Meenakshi Uncle, I V Sir, Teachers and this institution. ”

    Sri Aurobindo Centenary E.M. High School


    Sri Aurobindo Centre was estalished on 17th Nov 1957 with small library with a books on Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Yoga and Sadhana. Every evening people gathered to read and The Mother followed by mediation at 7pm. on 27th Apr 1969 the present meditation ahall was inagurated and ever since the parctice of evening is continuing.


    Sri Aurobindo birth centenary year inspired the begining of a school. The mother gave her blessings and gave the name to the school. Sri Aurobindo Centenary School was inauhurated on 12 Nov 1972 with 40 Children and a humble campus. Today the school is spread over 8 Acers with 25 class rooms and 3 play grounds. The school offers education from nusery to 10th class with