“True knowledge is not attained by thinking. It is what you are; it is what you become..”

Sri Aurobindo

The   Genesis   and   growth   of    Sri  Aurobindo  Centre,    Tadpatri   has    been   a phenomenon  similar  to  a  seed  quietly sprouting and growing into a magnificent tree  with  rich  foliage  and  like  a  bud  blossoming into a flower spreading out its fragrance  silently  without  clamour. This, solely due to the grace and blessings of the  Mother and Sri Aurobindo.  The school and eventually the hostel have evolved out of their sublime principles and philosophy. Ever since inception the school has been  striving  for  the  overall  development  of  children,  which  shall  remain  our pursuit.

                   The Three pioneers,  Sri A.G. Kesava Reddy,  Sri C.Pratapa Reddy  and Sri I.V. Narayana   have   since  passed   away   leaving   their   footprints   for  the youngsters  to  follow   their   spirit   of   consecration   and   service.  The present committee   with   Col(Dr) Shivji  Misra(Retd) as  Chairman  and  Sri.M.Meenakshi  Naidu  as Secretary is shouldering the responsibility.

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