Sri Aurobindo’s Vision of Integral Education best exemplifies this fulfillment:

Physical Education: It concerns itself with health education and physical training.

Education of the Vital: This consists of the refinement of emotions, desires and energies of action thorough training of the five senses, aesthetic sensibilities and character development.

Mental Education: This will consist of the development of the powers of the mind and its various faculties such as observation, reasoning, judgment, imagination and analysis.

Psychic and Spiritual Education:  The child will be engaged in self-reflection of his true nature. It relates to the nurturing of the highest values of Truth, Goodness and Beauty and spiritual aspirations for self-progress.


  • To provide soul-based education by bringing forth innate wisdom and divine potential to blossom.
  • To bring balance in the personality of the being, through harmonious and integral development of the child.
  • To be centered within our soul and thereby extend one’s experience of connectedness to the nation and the world.
  • To find in ourselves the power to self-transform.
  • To raise and expand our Consciousness.


In order to fulfill one of the main objectives of promoting education in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of man & society, Sri Aurobindo Centre – Tadipatri established Sri Aurobindo Centenary School in the time of Sri Aurobindo birth centenary year 1972.

Inspired by the educational vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, the School has sought to implement the curriculum of Integral Education within the CBSE frame work. The school is an English medium coed school. Every child is considered unique and his/her interest is valued.  Education is stress free children are evaluated through a variety of assessment tools.