Sri Aurobindo Centenary E.M High School

A brief history

The Year 1972

The Committee members of Sri Aurobindo Centre, Tadpatri ardently desired to open a school as an appropriate Centenary tribute to Aurobindo, as part of Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary year celebrations from 15 August 1972 to 14 August 1973.
Sri I.V.Narayana approached Mrs Ellen Sarma, Founder and Pricipal of Children’s Garden School, Madras for her advice and guidance.Mrs Ellen advised him

To have only LKG, UKG section to start with and ,  to take only who have genuine love towards children as teachers. She offered to give training to one or two teachers. Ms B. Vijayakumari was deputed and she got trained by Mrs Ellen.

On 12th November, 1972, with The Mother’s  Blessings Sri Aurobindo Centenary E.M High School(The name was given by The Mother) was opened by Sri Bbleshwar of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Thus the school came into with 40 children to begin with. The school was housed temporarily In Colleges ercted in the Centre Campus.  Sri M. Meenakshi Naidu was in final year of B.Tech at Tirupati. During College holidays he happened to come to the centre and take part in the school work along with friends Sudhakar and M. Viswanatham. He loved to be with the children helping them in their work and play. This stay and experience with innocent children unveiled to his the true meaning and goal in his life. After completing successful his B Tech, in spite of several lucrative job opportunities at hand he chose to consecrate his life for the sake of children. He joined the school as teacher and totally identified himself with the school. Sri I.V. Sir(as Sri I.V. Narayana was known) and he became the two chief architects of the school and its development. Sri C.Ranga Reddy and his sister Kum. C.Suguna who joined the school and rendered voluntary selfless service as teachers for eight years. A pukka school building was the immediate need. The tricumvirate – Sri A.G. Kesava Reddy, Sri C.Pratapa Reddy and Sri I.V. Narayana set themselves to this task and their efforts bore fruits.

On the advice of Sri Venkatappa, CTO, Sri Nandipati Subba Rao, Sri Akula Kondappa and Smt Akula Rangamma donated their Site of Cents to the north of the Centre for the school-building. Parents and well wishing citizens cam forward and extended their co-operation.
Parents Committee was formed with Sri Sunku Lakshmaiah, Sri Kuragayala Satyanarayana, Sri K. Raghuramulu and Sri M. Santha Murthy as members. With their help and the co-operation of others also the construction was taken up.  Sri Sunku Subba Lakshmaiah donated the cost of the first floor with 4 rooms. Sri K. Satyanarayana, Sri K. Raghuramulu and Sri M.Santha Murthy donated the cost of one room each. Sri Pothi Kumaraswamy of Gutakal donated one complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica to the school.  A three storied school building was soon ready. It was inaugurated by Sri M.P.Pandit, Secretary of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry on 8th July 1980.  The school was upgraded into a high school with opening of VIII class, IX Class and X Class year by year.

More classrooms and vast playgrounds became necessary with The Mother’s Grace help came in time Sri. Nama Venkataramanayya Sreshty and Smt Nama Lakshmidevamma gave as their donation 8 acres of land nearby It was a substantial and timely help Sri Indla Narayana Swamy who was instrumental in getting this donation also shouldered the work of constructing the school buildings in that area. Now that campus is known as Panchavati and the road in front as Panchavati Road.  In all two-storied buildings have came up in the campus with 25 class rooms, a meditation hall, science laboratory. A computer lab and Library Block has also since been added.

Sri G.V. Naidu(USA) Contributed Rs 300000/- for the Science Lab. A Swimming Pool was also constructed with active participation of Sri M.Narayana Reddy, Retired ASP. The school is now self sufficient with adequate staff, equipment and ancillary facilities.
Academically, the school has been consistently maintaining high standards. Innovative measures are adopted in Child-Centred and self learning techniques the teacher playing a facilitators role.. To keep abreast with the latest techniques , state-of-the-art equipment is provided, like Educomp.  A tabular-statement showing the performance of the students at the SSC Public Exams is presented below

Physical Education is accorded equal importance, The school has extensive playgrounds – Cricket, Foot-ball, hand-ball fields, basket ball, volley ball, badminton, tennikoit, chess, carroms. The students have performed creditably in the inter school competitions winning many trophies championship cups and medals.

Co-curricular, cultural and extra curricular activities also are encouraged. The yearly activities include:
i)Saturday programme of speeches, songs, plays every Saturday morning/evening

ii)Annual School day Programme of dance and drama/Doll exhibition/ physical exercise display science exhibitions.

iii)A week-long excursions to historical and other important places in all over india during Dasara holidays every year.

iv)Trip to Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, for students of Classes VIII,IX and X once in three years.

v)One day/two day duration trips to nearby places of interest for children of lower primary classes.

vi)Picnic-trips/Self cooking to the school garden every year.

School Hostel:

The school hostel also was started  along with the school. Besides separate dormitories for boys and girls in the main building, there are two storey buildings in the hostel campus for dining hall, kitchen, store room guest-room and an A.C hall for the small children for afternoon rest.
Late Smt Parvathamma was looking after cooking and in the beginning. Now a couple Sri Satyam and Smt. Savitramma are attending to this ably and earnestly. They look after and care for the children for all their needs food nutrition, health, clothing etc.

The school has also the privilege of visits by educationists and knowledgeable personalities from time to tune who share their knowledge with the teachers and the students some of those personalities Sri Kittu Reddy of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Dr. Nadhakarni Professor CIEFL, Tara of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi, Smt. Chalamayi of Sri Aurobindo Intenational School
Old Boys Association: The old students have formed into an Old Boys and they keep in contact with their almamater continuously. They also rounder their loving service to the school in various aspects. The Silver Jubille of the school was celebrated in 1997 and the ole students look an active part in organising.

Sir I.V.Narayana one of the Founders and the First Principal and Correspondent of the school passed away in 2011 after his life long dedicated service to the institution. Now Col (Dr) Shivji Misra(Retd) as Chairman and  Sri M.Meenakshi Naidu as Correspondent are continuing the legacy of the institution with high standards.

The school is a CBSE Recognised School and the Government have accorded recognition for classes I to X

This in brief is the history of the school since its inception till today.